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Astiostech Sdn Bhd, an MSC-status company, is a dynamic organisation focused on providing world-class innovative IP Telephony, Unified Communication, Call Center, Network Monitoring, Asset Management and IT Security solutions to discerning Corporates and Enterprises. Our team is passionate about technology yet practical enough to humanise technology through business applications.

Astiostech is a leading consultant and implementer of Asterisk-based systems and Nagios-based network monitoring solutions in the region.

Our Solutions

Call Centre

Transform your telemarketing campaign productivity to the next level and achieve the results you always wanted. This is the most flexible and cost-effective dialer system available today.

IP Telephony

Our IP Telephony solutions cater for both IP and analog telephony. Built to seamlessly integrate into your organisation and provide you with modern internal and external telecommunication.

Network Monitoring

Monitoring and managing your network infrastructure can be easy and refreshing with us. We bring you that freedom and flexibility to take control of your network performance and security.

Asset Management

Identify assets used within your organisation and network. With automatic information updates for your assets, you can keep track of all changes and upgrades and remove the need to manually add asset data.

Unified Communication

Integrates various asynchronous and real-time communication tools, with the goal of enhancing business communication, collaboration and productivity.

Security Solutions

Affordable deep security analytics and intrusion prevention on desktops and servers using artificial intelligence. Ensure that all sorts of attack vectors are scrutinised without affecting user experience or performance. ​

Our Products

Why Choose Us


Our years of hands-on experience in IT and telecommunication has enabled us to give world-class solutions and service to our clients.

Cost Effective Solutions

We provide proven and stable platforms, used by enterprises worldwide, to build our solutions.

Service Excellence

Our technical engineers offer outstanding support and expertise in diagnosing software and hardware issues.

The Human Factor

Our clients are our partners and friends, and we cherish the long-term relationship that we develop.

Our Clients

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