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What is GLPI?

GLPI is an open-source IT service management and IT asset management software solution. It is designed to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure, including assets, hardware, software, user support, track expenses, contracts, create reports and dashboards.

GLPI can also integrate with other applications and systems using its API and plugins. 

GLPI is widely used by IT departments, service providers, governments and organizations of all sizes to improve IT asset management, enhance service delivery, and optimize IT operations. Its open-source nature makes it accessible to a broad community of users and developers, allowing for customization and continuous improvement.

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Discover assets you did not know you had by eliminating errors caused by manual entries.

Save Time

Automate the manual task of collecting inventory data.​


If you know what assets you have and what assets are missing, it will not affect security.​

Reduce Cost

By using less time and resources dedicated to focusing on IT asset management.


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Comprehensive Inventory Information

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Using Standard and Well Known Protocol

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Auto Discovery

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Plugin Support with API

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Compatible Service Desk

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Web Service with SOAP interface

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User Friendly Web Administration Interface

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IT Asset Management and Automatic Inventory

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Software Inventory

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Profound Information

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Statistics and Reports

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Barcode Generation

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Rationality for Data Quality Control

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Knowledge Based and FAQ

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Intuitive Dashboards

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Administrative and Financial Management of IT Assets

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Project Management

Request for


asset management