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Open Source Cloud and On-Premise Adaptation

At Astiostech we believe in choice. Some companies love cloud, some prefer inside the roof of their own data centres. We support setting up systems on premise and on cloud platforms, and specialised services such as those offered by Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We can help your business achieve either environment. All our solutions are cloud ready and perform exceptionally well after years of experience running them on AWS and Azure.

Open Source Delivery and Support

Open Source Product Training

If you are committed to the wonderful world of open source, perhaps it is time to equip you and your team with certified, accredited, and recognised training for major open source products. Our training courses are hosted at professional establishments with a conducive learning environment. We ensure participants are well taken care of with food and beverages throughout the duration of the course.

Course Structure

Our courses include :

  1.  Asterisk and related ecosystems
  2. Nagios and related ecosystems
  3. Openshift and Openstack
  4. Kubernetes
  5. GLPI, OCS and Fusion Asset Inventory
  6. Linux Operating Systems (Debian, CentOS and Red-Hat)
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