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Modernising Communications with Open source based solutions that gives organisations a private, secure and reliable communications system such as unified communications (voice, video, chat, collaboration), Office IP based telephony, IP based contact centre for inbound, outbound, chat and blended, special purpose systems like in emergency broadcasting, robotic marketing, and AI based self service systems. Custom fit into any complex requirements that you may have and lay down challenges we cannot resist.


Operational Intelligence to gain end to end visibility without compromise with our flexible and cost effective monitoring solutions. Combine all existing monitoring solutions you already have into one single dashboard and take advantage of data analytics with real world AI technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, take action from your dashboard directly, see the big picture and operate efficiently. We make managing complex and hard networks, easier.


Knowledge is power. Visibility makes decisions easier and anyone can then plan for properly by first, knowing the assets you have around you. Use our solution to automatically or manually keep track of IT and non-IT assets in a single web panel, run reports and integrate with existing solutions like ERP or procurement solutions. Trust us, you will love it when you are in control and we can deliver a solution that’s simple to use, extremely fast, secure and covers almost all common endpoints. No more manual tracking and time wasting.


AstiosDesk helpdesk system is an intelligent ticketing system which lets you manage and organize your team and your tickets to make your customer support draw a smile on your customer’s face.


Affordable deep security analytics and intrusion prevention on desktops and servers using artificial intelligence. Ensure that all sorts of attack vectors are scrutinised without affecting user experience or performance.



Open Source

Delivery & Support.

Open Source Cloud
and On-Premise

We support setting up systems on premise and on cloud platforms, and specialised services such as those offered by Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Open Source

If you are committed to the wonderful world of open source, perhaps it is time to equip you and your team with certified, accredited, and recognised training for major open source products. Our training courses are hosted at professional establishments with a conducive learning environment.



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