Configuration Assessment

Security Configuration Assessment (SCA) involves assessing system settings and configurations to ensure they comply with security best practices and standards.

Wazuh has an SCA module that identifies misconfigurations and vulnerabilities on monitored endpoints. This capability helps you manage your attack surface efficiently to improve your security

Take the first step in system hardening by using our Security Configuration Assessment capability to check for exposures and misconfigurations in your


Advantages of Wazuh SCA

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Vulnerability Detection

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Integrated Compliance Management

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System Hardening

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Continuous Monitoring

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Extensive Configuration Checks

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Reporting and Analysis

Malware Detection

Malware detection comprises strategies and tools to detect malware threats.

The Wazuh SIEM and XDR platform uses several advanced malware detection techniques for a wide range of malware, including ransomware, rootkits, spyware, adware, trojans, viruses, and worms.

Leverage the following Wazuh malware detection capabilities to secure your IT assets.

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Malware Detection for IT Security

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Realtime cross-platform protection

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Ransomware protection

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Rootkit detection

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Extensible Integrations for Malware Detection

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Advanced Rulesets and Decoders

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Correlate and Visualize Information from Various Sources

Malware Detection Techniques

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File Integrity Monitoring
and Threat Detection Rules

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Rootkits Behavior Detection

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CDB Lists
and Threat Intelligence

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VirusTotal integration

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File Integrity Monitoring and YARA

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ClamAV logs collection

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Custom Rules to Detect Malware IOC

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Windows Defender logs collection

File Integrity Monitoring

The Wazuh File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) module monitors and alerts on changes to critical files and directories.

This module helps organizations meet compliance requirements and quickly detect file changes that indicate a compromise or cyberattack.



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Real-time monitoring

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Security breach detection

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Regulatory compliance

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Centralized management

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Cross-platform support