Cloud Security

Container Security

Container security involves the implementation of security measures to protect containers and the underlying infrastructure from potential threats throughout their lifecycle.

Wazuh helps organizations secure their containerized environments by providing real-time monitoring and threat detection.

Wazuh provides the following capabilities to ensure container security and protect against evolving security threats.



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Threat detection

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Auditing orchestration platforms

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Container health monitoring

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Monitor container runtime

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Container inventory

Posture Management

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) involves evaluating, enhancing, and maintaining an organization’s cloud security posture.

It helps secure workloads in cloud environments by identifying security risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Wazuh enables cloud security posture management by providing the capabilities below.



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Cloud provider integration

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Cloud security configuration assessment

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Regulatory compliance

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Incidence Response

Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud workload protection is a practice that ensures all cloud
resources are adequately monitored and protected. Wazuh protects cloud workloads on platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS),
Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Office 365.

Wazuh offers the following capabilities that assist in securing cloud workloads.

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Log Analysis

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Threat Detection
and Response

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Vulnerability management

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File integrity monitoring