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What is Zabbix?

Zabbix offers enterprise-level monitoring for real-time IT infrastructure visibility. It unifies monitoring of devices, applications, and networks, enabling proactive issue detection, swift resolution, and system optimization.

  • Proven Track Record:
    Zabbix has demonstrated a proven track record of success in various industries.

  • Open-Source Flexibility:
    Zabbix is an open-source solution, that offering full control with no costly licenses.

  • Scalability:
    Zabbix can effortlessly scale for thousands of devices and it grows with you.

  • Advanced Alerting:
    Zabbix has customizable alerts to ensure swift response to critical events.
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Zabbix’s Key Features

Data is collected through agent installation, SNMP, log files, databases, and custom scripts.

Define smart thresholds, predict trends, and detect anomalies via baseline monitoring.


Customizable alerts, quick escalation, automated issue resolution.

Visualize with graphs, maps, and dashboards. Track targets and generate scheduled reports.


Create flexible dashboards, offer multi-tenant environment and display inventory data.

Improve tracking with root cause analysis, SLA and business-level impact monitoring.

Integration with physical, and virtual environments and industry-leading software and hardware vendors.

Encrypt communication, and authenticate users. track changes, restrict data, and automate setup.

Instant Zabbix installation, automate metrics deploy agents, and upgrade seamlessly.

Scale up Zabbix with distributed monitoring, high, availability and data retention policies.

Zabbix Revolutionizes Various Industries

Zabbix deployment benefits a wide range of industries by providing comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for IT infrastructure. It helps these industries optimize performance, enhance security, and improve operational efficiency through real-time insights and proactive issue resolution.

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Industries Benefitting from Zabbix Deployment


Banking and Finance


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Energy and Chemicals




IT and Telecommunications











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Small Deployment

In small deployments, typically encompassing a limited number of devices or servers, the key focus is on simplicity and cost-effectiveness. This section will highlight the specific considerations for implementing Zabbix in such environments, including:

  • Installation and setup on a single server or virtual machine.

  • Selection of an appropriate database backend.

  • Configuring agent-based monitoring on individual devices.

  • Managing network bandwidth limitations.

  • Tailoring alerting and notification settings for a smaller team.

  • Scaling considerations for future growth.
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Large Deployment

Large-scale deployments pose unique challenges due to the complexity and sheer volume of monitored devices and systems. This section will delve into the critical aspects of implementing Zabbix in large deployments, including:

    • Distributed architecture for scalability and fault tolerance.

    • Load balancing techniques to handle high traffic.

    • Efficient database design and optimization for storing large volumes of data.

    • Integration with other systems and tools (e.g., CMDB, ticketing systems).

    • Configuration management for maintaining consistency across numerous monitored entities.

    • Effective use of proxies and distributed monitoring for remote locations or segmented networks.
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Why Choose Astiostech to Deploy Zabbix

Choosing Astiostech for your Zabbix deployment is a decision rooted in expertise, dedication, and excellence.

Our experienced team understands the nuances of Zabbix, ensuring a seamless and tailored deployment process. We prioritize your unique needs, delivering not just a solution but a partnership dedicated to your success.

With a commitment to industry best practices and a relentless pursuit of engineering excellence, we go beyond meeting your expectations – we exceed them.

Your satisfaction is our driving force, and with Astiostech, you’re choosing a trusted ally for Zabbix deployment.

  • Consultation and Planning:
    We tailor Zabbix solution to align with your organization’s goals and requirements.

  • Implementation and Configuration:
    Our team manages Zabbix implementation for seamless deployment.

  • Training and Support:
    We offer comprehensive training and prompt technical support for maximum Zabbix benefits.

  • Integration Expertise:
    We provide advanced Zabbix integration for a unified monitoring experience.

  • Customization Capabilities:
    We provide in-depth Zabbix customization services to meet your business needs.
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Discover Our Strengths

With 20 years of experience, Astiostech delivers tailored solutions backed by the latest advancements. We excel in handling complex challenges and are committed to exceeding expectations.

Our dedication to exceptional service is driven by experience, technical prowess, and industry wisdom.

At Astiostech, we relentlessly pursue excellence, making us a strong partner in your journey to success.

Our expertise spans banking, oil and gas, education, and government sectors. We stay ahead in IT monitoring practices, providing solutions aligned with industry standards and best practices.

With our dedicated team, you gain access to our sector experience and commitment to excellence, ensuring success in any industry.

Astiostech recognizes unique monitoring needs and crafts customized Zabbix solutions. We deeply understand IT setups, selecting metrics, defining alerts, and configuring reports.

This empowers informed decisions and proactive issue resolution. Our adaptable solutions accommodate growth, ensuring ongoing success.

Astiostech offers in-depth Zabbix training across admin, ops, and support. We cater to diverse roles, fostering self-sufficiency and reducing vendor reliance.

Our practical training equips clients with real-world insights for optimal system use. We promote independence, cost savings, and operational excellence, unlocking Zabbix’s full potential.

Astiostech excels in rapid, efficient Zabbix deployments. With streamlined processes and extensive experience, we minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Our custom strategies and best practices ensure seamless integration, all while keeping you informed. Gain instant insights, enhance performance, and boost efficiency with Astiostech’s commitment to your success.

At Astiostech, your satisfaction and success are our utmost priorities. Our dedicated team adheres to industry standards and meticulous engineering practices to ensure excellence from consultation to support.

We prioritize your unique needs, offering clear communication and efficient resource allocation for a seamless experience that propels your success.

At Astiostech, we prioritize exceptional customer support for our clients. We believe that ongoing assistance is vital for the success of any monitoring solution. Our team’s quick response to inquiries, technical aid, and proactive guidance reflect our commitment. We forge enduring relationships founded on communication, transparency, and trust.

Our support is prompt, professional, and solution-driven, aimed at empowering clients with insights and best practices. We go beyond immediate needs to optimize their monitoring environment, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. Astiostech’s exceptional customer support is a testament to our dedication, ensuring client satisfaction throughout their monitoring journey.

Astiostech values collaborative partnerships grounded in open communication and transparency. We know that nurturing long-term relationships is key to successful teamwork.

Our unwavering commitment means providing continuous support and guidance on your monitoring journey.

We place a strong emphasis on open communication with our clients. We actively listen to their needs, concerns, and feedback and encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas. Transparent communication ensures alignment on goals, timelines, and milestones.

We provide consistent updates on the progress of the project, milestones achieved, and any challenges or changes that may arise. Our clients can rely on us to be transparent in our interactions, providing them with a clear view of the project status and fostering trust.

We consider our clients long-term partners, fostering strong relationships built on trust, respect, and mutual success. We delve into their business goals, industry challenges, and unique requirements, enabling us to craft tailored solutions. 

We’re not just a vendor but a trusted advisor, offering insights, recommendations, and strategic guidance for their success. Our commitment to building long-term client relationships ensures that we are not just a vendor but a partner invested in their growth and success.

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