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Use Case Scenarios

IT Asset Management Solution - BFI

Banking - Compliance and Seamless Ticket Management

Our banking industry client, a stalwart in the financial sector, grappled with the need to manage a diverse array of financial assets while ensuring adherence to rigorous industry regulations. Additionally, there was a compelling need for efficient ticket management to promptly address internal and external inquiries.

The incorporation of GLPI ushered in a new era of operational excellence for client. The software’s robust compliance tracking capabilities allowed the bank to meticulously enforce industry regulations, ensuring a high level of governance. Concurrently, GLPI’s integrated ticketing system streamlined the resolution of internal and external inquiries, enhancing operational efficiency.

Our client showcased a remarkable 98% compliance rate during industry audits, testifying to the efficacy of GLPI’s compliance tracking features. Simultaneously, the integration of GLPI’s ticketing system resulted in a commendable 30% reduction in average ticket resolution time, further bolstering operational efficiency and augmenting the bank’s reputation for prompt customer service.


Investment Management - Holistic Asset Tracking and Software Licensing Management

An investment management company needed a solution to efficiently track investment portfolios, monitor asset performance, and manage software licenses to ensure compliance.

GLPI’s asset tracking capabilities and software licensing module allowed them to monitor investment assets, track performance metrics, and manage software licenses seamlessly.

The company improved portfolio tracking accuracy by 20%, minimized software non-compliance risk by 25%, and enhanced decision-making for investment strategies.

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